Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tuning in to the God frequency

There will always be situations and cross roads in our lives, wherein we consult God and ask Him for an answer - unfortunately for us, we do not have the privilege of David's Ephod. So how do we really know how, when, if God really answers our questions on situations?

An insight that hit me a while ago in our Bible study was to tune into the God frequency. Of course, when we ask something from God, we would like to receive signs and symbols on what God's reply is. The God frequency is simply understanding and discerning what God's answer really is, believing that it is more than coincidence, or not just coincidence for that matter. It is knowing what specific sign and symbol did come from God.

How do you tune into the God frequency? Based on my experience, the answer is simple. Always have God in your mind. Whenever you decide on anything, always consult God first. Think about which decision would please Him more, think about what He would do. Think about God all the time. And this would make you more sensitive with what He wants to tell you. When i knew that God answered me through a specific symbol, i just knew. Of course it has to do a lot with faith, but with God always on my mind at that particular time, i became for attuned to Him and what He wanted me to do.

This is actually quite similar to the opposite side of the light. God warns us not to delve too much into the occult and paranormal - not to think too much about it, like a third eye. Because it makes you more susceptible to attacks.

Think God. Always God on my mind.

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