Saturday, November 7, 2009

20 steps higher

A couple of nights ago was probably the first time i met someone who lives his life, knowing that he is already saved (by the Grace of God), as a humble and obedient servant of God.

It is strange for me because all my life i have always been admittedly selfish, believing that religion and faith is really all for salvation. Now i know that this may hold true for most people, but this guy i met. Wow, parang tanggap na niya that he's already saved, as if it was already a given. He already knows it in his heart, so he is already targeting the next step - believing that his purpose in life is really to be like Christ, to win souls, and to live for Him.

He is 20 steps ahead of me...

Religion and Faith can not only be about salvation? Wow that really hit me...

One day, God willing, i hope and pray that each of us may be used by Christ in more major roles - to extend His kingdom here on earth.

wow what a guy!
wow what a guy indeed...

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