Thursday, November 26, 2009

A prayer for each of us

I pray that all of us always be humble.
I know that each and everyone of us are placed in positions of power, influence and authority. In our hands, God has blessed us with greater responsibilities. Not only to our people but to each other. May we always put others ahead of us, thinking first always how it feels to be in their shoes - to be emphatic, caring and understanding.

Also, I pray that each of us continues to embrace the responsibilities God gave us. When the going gets tough and the road becomes hard and narrow, try to think of why God is letting this happen to you. Somehow, after doing such, when we stop thinking of ourselves for a moment, things make sense.

I heard this from a sermon from a guest Pastor Jonathan Las - "And how should you live your life each day? - Live it as if God's face was always right in front of you, as if He was watching you constantly, everyday and at every moment."

An Audience of One

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