Sunday, December 13, 2009

How to be unashamed when singing praise and worship

So i was just thinking the other day while i was looking around a sanctuary during a praise and worship session...

There are always your stereotypical people who try to act 'cool' and not sing, and the people who raise their hands in absolute devotion to the songs as the melody sweeps them. Two complete opposites yes?

So when you find yourself in a situation where it seems 'kakahiya' to clap your hands or sing songs to God, just think of it this way : You live your life not for anyone to see, not for anyone to hear. You live it for God. One Audience / An Audience of One. Absorb the lyrics of the song, even if the melody is crappy, and treat it as if you were speaking directly to God and He was listening to you (which He always does). I don't know if i make sense, but it seemed to work for me, especially when i first stepped foot into ccf lol.


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