Monday, December 14, 2009

What would you say to God when you die

So today one of the office secretaries told me a story about her boss. The boss asks her "What would you say to God when you die?" of course she laughed and didn't take the question seriously, but I'm pretty sure that the boss (my uncle) was taking that question to heart.

So i responded to the story with a question "Yes, what indeed would you say to God when you died? What would you have to show for?"

And yes really, would our responses be "I lived my life to get rich, to aim for the highest of earthly ambition and to raise a family - basically pretty much living for myself.", or would it be "I lived my life for you Lord."

Of course we can't always be straight with God, since we're just human. But it is something to think about yea?

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  1. I haven't given it much thought, honestly. Definitely something to ponder.