Thursday, November 5, 2009

And only a 'few' were saved

Tonight i had a Bible study.
Tonight i learned how hard it is to be a 'Good Christian'
- it's not all "grace, which is free saved me", which sounds so easy. it's incredibly hard. And i pray that we will be able to keep focus on the word and how Christ lived.

Guard you hearts and your actions, that they may see Christ in you.

Tonight i learned that out of the 2,000,000 Jews who were brought out of Egypt. Guess how many were damned into eternity?

Not many, not some, but few. Tonight i learned that 1,999,998 Jews were damned. Only 2 were saved...

These Jews were not unbelievers or pagans. They believed in God, but were not 'Good Christians', but Christians nonetheless!

Are we 'Good Christians'?

Tonight i learned how spiritually bare i am...


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