Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On Complaining and Comparing

This is something i have learned to accept just a few months ago. A lot of what is written here is cliche, but really it is something to be able to actually understand and fully accept many cliches in life

Yes the world is unfair.

Face the facts.

that's life.

But! Don't complain. Count your blessings. How much better off you are. How much more God has given you compared to others. You have everything you need, and almost everything you can ever want. And if you TRULY believe, everything is given to you.

Don't complain. God has given you so much.

Don't compare yourself to others so often. Ask yourself "What is God's vision for me?" God did not give you what you have right now in life because of some random decision. Therefore, make-do with what you have, with what was freely given to you. For all things come from the Father.

Do the best with what you have, with what was given to you

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