Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You can't save everyone

I told you guys about the girl in my employ, who i reached my hand out to in order to gear her life back on track... i really did try, and it was really the only thing in my mind through out this long weekend. Therefore, i really did plan to go meet my uncle first thing Tuesday at the other office to tell him about her situation. His words were wise as usual, telling me that she was unfit for the position since her taste buds would be different as she is with child. true words, but i tried to plead her case. My uncle did not give a final answer, but he gave a hint that it would be better for the Company to wait for her to give birth, then perhaps consider her for the position afterward. If ever though, he told me to tell her that she should be the one to approach him face to face to give him her final answer and verbal covenant of hard work throughout her pregnancy. Good words, and a good message. I was therefore elated to leave the office and pass the message back to my employee

I will be brief. She did not leave her abusive relationship with the guy who knocked her up. She even lied and slept over again at his place, when she told me and my supervisors that she would leave the guy. Why i feel bad is because the guy did hit her a couple of times before. If he really cared for her, he would've had her checked up since shes already 3 months in. He would let her go because he should know her situation is difficult and having him in her life would surely only complicate things. Needless to say, she broke my trust, and since she lied, i cannot even imagine anymore of putting her into the position i wanted so much for her. It would have been a great position and she would surely learn so much things from our chief food technician

You can't save everybody K. As it turns out, now you even look more like the paki-alamero. I did cross the line though in the business sense. As a boss, or as any employee, personal problems should never be involved in business. Yes there was someone more deserving than her. so yes, it was a lapse of judgment in my part. And yes, i will now consider the one more deserving over the one who needs in more. Note : Needs not wants.

I guess in the girl's eyes, it always is better to bat for the best case scenario - to believe that the guy will actually change, shape up and be a good man and father. One of them will have to leave their jobs, but the they can always find another. Both of them would then be employed, fall in love and have the child - grow to be a happy family. Could work, yes, but not likely.

I tried. i really did, but i am stopping here and letting God take control of things. He did actually show me three signs. Imagine... He really did answer me in three ways...it really is amazing.

(1) The night i found out about the pregnancy and the girl's situation, i was grief stricken and something overcame me. I don't know what i was thinking but i decided to go to the nearest pharmacy and buy some prenatal vitamins (as i knew she was not taking any) - Lo and Behold they just ran out of stock. So i just went home empty handed

(2) Went to see my uncle Tuesday. Came to the office at 8am. He usually arrives at that time since there's a meeting at 10:00. Well, he came at 10:00. I waited two hours rehearsing in my mind what i would tell him. Well he didn't give me a direct answer, but the real answer was :No, not until she gives birth.

(3) Lastly and again, B rejects a batch of our cans. Now this doesn't happen often...but the girl was the QA at that time...wow...and this just happened today

There really were signs, and i choose not to see it as coincidence. I am not sour or anything..actually i really do want everything to turn out for the better for her. i really do. Shes a nice girl, hardworking and came up from a very hard life, but i think God is really giving me signs that He will take control. I did my part and can sleep in peace tonight. I reached out from up above to give her a hand, but she chose something else. I hope she is making the right decision for her life. Then again, God's will be done.

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